Next Activity: Streetview Orienteering

Now available is our 2nd streetview course, this time around the West End of Glasgow, for you to do from home at your leisure!

Glasgow West End
Glasgow West End instructions are here
The Glasgow West End orienteering course map is here
Glasgow West End answers are here

Our first streetview course, around Paisley:
Paisley instructions are here
The Paisley orienteering course map is here
Paisley answers are here

Thanks to Doug Dickinson (Derwent Valley Orienteers) for the idea.  His streetview courses are available at the DVO website

Last Results: Clyde Erskine Urban race incorporating bto SOUL10 - 27th Oct 2019

Clydeside Orienteers welcomed you to Erskine, the venue of the 10th and final bto SOUL event for 2019.
Results are on Robin Strain’s website.
Routegadget and Winsplits were based on the provisional unadjusted results.


Clyde Weekly Meeting

The next in our series of virtual meetings is on MONDAY 25 May at 19:30.
This will be a brief roundup of the weekend’s team Lockdown orienteering competition, and possibly a report from the Clyde Catching Features Relay team.
As usual, the meeting is on Zoom, follow this link. or join with:

Meeting ID: 957 0573 4971
Password: 179226

28th Mar 20

Orienteering activities, games and stuff

We’ve gathered a list of some online orienteering games, quizzes, software and other stuff that can be played with at home or out on your own. Click here or “read more…” below for the list.
Based on a list generated by Chris Smithard who has his own list here.

26th Mar 20

Covid-19: All face-to-face Orienteering activities suspended

As a reaction to the current Covid-19 pandemic, and in line with the SOA statement we have had to suspend all face to face orienteering activities. This includes the Thursday evening hill runs.

At the time of writing it is still possible to run on your own, so you could consider the 5 CLYDE MapRun courses listed on the SOA website.

The club may run some online workshops in the next few weeks on mapping using Open Orienteering Mapper and possibly on other orienteering analysis software.

17th Mar 20

Permanent Courses using GPS, Maprun an Orienteering app for your phone

The “MapRun” orienteering app allows you to set up and take part in “Virtual” orienteering courses using the GPS your smartphone. You run a course using either the map on your phone screen or a paper version, and your phone will automatically beep when you reach the correct location of each control (nothing marking it on the ground). At the end of the course your results and split times can be saved into a results table alongside others who have run the course. Clyde have a number of courses available that you can run any time you want to. They are listed on the SOA website along with all the other courses in Scotland. Click “Read more…” below for more details.

03rd Jul 19

CLYDE Success at the Scottish Middle Distance Championships

Congratulations to Dave Robertson on becoming M55 Scottish Middle Distance Champion at Gleneagles Arena on Saturday 14th March. Congratulations also to Alice Wilson (W18 silver), Emma Wilson (W21 silver), and Rachel Wilson (W50 bronze), as well as all of the other CLYDE members who took part. Full results can be found at

16th Mar 20

CLYDE at the Compass Sport Trophy Qualifier

A huge “thank you” to everyone who turned out and ran for CLYDE at the Compass Sport Trophy Qualifier at Errochty yesterday.

The full list of CLYDE heros (with the scorers marked with an asterisk) is

*100 Points Thomas Wilson Brown
*100 Points Emma Wilson Blue Women
*99 Points Robin Orr Blue Men
*95 Points Alice Wilson Blue Women
*94 Points Stephen Wilson Short Brown
*94 Points Iain Mennie Blue Men
*94 Points Ian Davidson Green Men
  94 Points Mirjam Allik Blue Women
  93 Points Bryony McLeod Blue Women
*92 Points Andy Paterson Brown
*85 Points Liz Orr Green Women
  82 Points Ceri Vincent Blue Women
  82 Points Nick Langley Blue Men
*77 Points Rachel Wilson Green Women

but without any Juniors or more SuperVets and despite winning Brown (Thomas) and Blue Women (Emma), a record turnout of 6 runners on Blue Women, Andy Paterson running up from Blue Men to Brown, and me running up from Blue Men to Short Brown, we only scored in 10 out of 13 scoring slots and so finished 7th, well behind qualifiers INT, MOR and INVOC and one place ahead of hosts STAG. Full results are here.

Thanks again to all who did battle with a technically and physically challenging forest on their club’s behalf and what might be the last large orienteering event in Scotland for some time.

16th Mar 20

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