Clyde welcomes new members. Anyone with an interest in orienteering is welcome to the club. If you are a newcomer to the sport, there are experienced people in the club who can help to introduce you to the sport. People with orienteering experience are also very welcome.

There are two membership options for joining the club: British membership or Scottish membership.

1. British membership
Joining Clyde, the Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA) and British Orienteering.

Best suited to those who want to take part in orienteering events across Scotland, the UK, and potentially internationally. You can take on any club, event official or coaching role if suitably qualified.

2. Scottish membership
Joining Clyde and the Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA).

Best suited to those who only wish to orienteer in their local region of Scotland. There are some limitations on entering some larger competitions and taking on coaching and official roles. Click here for more information on the different memberships.

British Orienteering and the Scottish Orienteering Association are responsible for the management and development of the sport and need the financial support of participants. Most public funding is based on the sports membership numbers and participation, so it’s important that you are officially recorded as an orienteer.

The annual cost, inclusive of British, SOA and Clyde membership, is £29 for seniors and only £5 for juniors:
The cost for Scottish-only membership is £18 for adults, and free for juniors!

Seniors are those aged 21 or older on 31 December of the membership year, with Juniors being those aged 20 or younger.

To join through either option, complete the details online via the links here

Info on various Scottish member benefits and discounts is also available at that link, and info on various additional British member discounts is available here (companies like Go Ape, Cotswold, The AA and more).

If you would like more information then please contact the membership secretary:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo of authorPosted on 22nd Oct 09
by Alastair Dunlop