Orienteering activities, games and stuff

We’ve gathered a list of some online orienteering games, quizzes, software and other stuff that can be played with at home or out on your own. Click here or “read more…” below for the list.
Based on a list generated by Chris Smithard who has his own list here.

Open Orienteering Map
Generate your own streetmap and courses. You can choose where, what scale, and loads more. Generate your own courses or use postboxes.

Open Orienteering Mapper
Almost the same name as above, but this is software to let you draw your own orienteering map.

Running Wild
A route choice testing site. You put your own route in with a timer on you and can then compare your routes with other competitors.

Lots of good stuff. At the bottom is the control description quiz which is great fun and timed for maximum pressure.

Trail Orienteering
As a Trail/Precision O novice I found this extremely good and quite tricky! You need very careful attention to the control descriptions.

This is the main UK routegadget site, with links to lots of Clubs around the UK. Choose a race and a course, ideally where a number of people have put in their routes. think how you would tackle the whole course and then see how the fast people went (and also the not so fast people, why do you think they made their mistakes, was it a leg you thought was easy or difficult?)

SOA quizzes
Daily orienteering themed quizzes.

World of O
International orienteering news website. Their list of “Route to….” shows you a tricky leg, lets you put in your own route, and then shows you real data from people who actually ran the leg.

Maprun courses in Scotland
If you are lucky enough to be close to one of these permanent courses then you can download and print the map, get the course in your phone and go and run it.

GPS art/technical training
If you have a Strava account, then choose a local map and set out a line course to write your name, draw a dog, or the equations of Special Relativity. Run the course and then see if your GPS trace does what you intended. You can do the same thing on QuickRoute.

All of the above are completely free, the following two are paid-for orienteering simulation games. Similar in concept, you orienteer round a forest!

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Virtual O


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Covid-19: All face-to-face Orienteering activities suspended

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