HoustonAnytime Orienteering

Type of course: Virtual
Terrain type: Urban

Last updated: Sat 10 Jul, 2021

Location Info

Near: Houston
Lat,Lng: 55.86842,-4.55240
Postcode: PA6 7EN

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Directions / Parking

Start is from the car park at the Houston Scout Hall on South Street.

MapRun directory path:
UK/Scotland/Glasgow/Clydeside Orienteers

Courses available

Houston LongLine course, 3.9km, controls

PDF of map

Houston MediumLine course, 2.4km, controls

PDF of map

Houston ShortLine course, 1.3km, controls

PDF of map

Other Information

Safety Notes

Nearest A&E Hospital

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley PA2 9PN

Dog restrictions

Well-behaved dogs on a lead.