Clyde Explore an Area - Saturday 28th April

Event type: Activity

9 members went for a run around Croy Hill to look at re-mapping.
4 members and dog went for a walk.

Map of Croy HillTerrain description

Croy hill has the Antonine wall passing through the centre of the map.

Information about the area

Remapped in early 2014 with a hugely improved basemap the area now has the map it deserves. Lots of interesting detail and ideal for sprint and middle distance races.

Looking at our original map there could be much more contour and rock detail.
Vegitation has grown up to make the open areas more intresting.
The quarry has expanded slightly, but hasn’t consumed anything that was intresting on the old map
Lovely sunnny morning and the view was that the area should be re-mapped

Near: Cumbernauld.    GoogleMap  Streetmap (OS 50k)



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Explanation of Course Colours

White = Easy controls all on paths, compass not essential.

Yellow = Easy controls on paths with some controls just off paths, compass not essential.

Orange = Moderate with most controls just off paths or line features, compass recommended.

Green = Technical with most controls NOT on paths or line features.

Blue = Same as Green but longer (5km +).

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