Clyde Tuesday Club Night 21st Feb

Event type: Activity

Results from Donalds Night O training event in Houston

Map of Houston & Crosslee MapTerrain description

This largely urban map was produced by local residents Donald and Andy. It is an interestingly complicated mixture of urban, open and forested terrain and the rapid changes of terrain mean you really have to keep your wits about you.  The map had its first use at the AGM and street race in 2009.


Results from CLYDE Training 21.2.12, Houston

Long Course

1 Thomas Wilson       31.48
2 Alex Kemp           32.08
3 Kenny Milton         34.33
4 John Nixon           39.43
5 Andy Paterson       40.20
6 Andrew MacPherson 44.36
7 Amelia Petrie         45.22
8 Jon Stromhylden     45.57
9 Rachel Wilson       53.58

Short Course

1 Emma and Alice Wilson 22.39
2 Claire MacPherson     24.04

Lost property - 1 thumb compass

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported the event, and to the control collectors - Kenny, Thomas, John, Andy and Alex.


Near: Houston.    GoogleMap  Streetmap (OS 50k)



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Explanation of Course Colours

White = Easy controls all on paths, compass not essential.

Yellow = Easy controls on paths with some controls just off paths, compass not essential.

Orange = Moderate with most controls just off paths or line features, compass recommended.

Green = Technical with most controls NOT on paths or line features.

Blue = Same as Green but longer (5km +).

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