Clyde Tuesday Club Night: Tuesday 26th June

Event type: Activity

The Exercise for tonight was course planning for beginners.  Perhaps the hardest courses to plan for an experienced Orienteer
Starting with a blank Map, jog round and plan a Yellow Course and draw it on your map.
Where would you put the controls?  Where would you tape the route.  Where would you use unhappy faces?
Back at the Start swap maps and have your map reviewd by someone else. Is it good yellow course?  Is the Technical difficulty right?
So how did it go?  Click on the Title or read more to go to the full report.

Map of Rouken Glen mapTerrain description

A large urban park in the South side of Glasgow. The Auldhouse Burn runs through the centre of the map in a significant gorge with interesting rock and contour features along its length. The parkland to the East of the gorge is well manicured and very fast running with enough detail to confuse the unwary. To the West of the gorge the park is less manicured but still fast and pleasant running. A good area of training events and sprint races.

Donald, Patrick, Kenny and Andrew took part.  Scanned maps are available as Downloadable Documents below and the thoughts of the planners will be posted soon.

Course planning Guidlines by Barry Elkington.  Also Useful for those thinking of going on a course to know what to expect.

White Course
Yellow Course
Orange Course

Orienteering Courses range from Very Easy courses at Technical Difficulty 1 (TD1) to Very Hard TD5.
White, Yellow and Orange are designed to progress a beginner from TD1 to TD2 to TD3.

Near: Rouken Glen Park, Glasgow.    GoogleMap  Streetmap (OS 50k)

Downloadable Documents

Patrick's Yellow Course

Kenny's Yellow Course

Donald's Yellow Course

Andrew's Yellow Course



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Explanation of Course Colours

White = Easy controls all on paths, compass not essential.

Yellow = Easy controls on paths with some controls just off paths, compass not essential.

Orange = Moderate with most controls just off paths or line features, compass recommended.

Green = Technical with most controls NOT on paths or line features.

Blue = Same as Green but longer (5km +).

Glasgow parkrun

parkrun-logoIt is a 5km run in Pollok Park every Saturday at 9:30