CLYDE Urban Series - Race 3 Glasgow West End

Race report

Results and RouteGadget now available.
We even got a Report in the Bearsden and Milngavie Herald.

In August we are putting on a series of 3 Urban events on areas around Glasgow. These races are designed to introduce people to Urban Orienteering and to provide a fun series of races to kick off the Autumn season.

Sunday 15 August - Mosshead

Sunday 22 August - Houston

Sunday 29 August - Glasgow West End

All will feature pre-printed maps and SI punching. Pre-entry is available and is encouraged (click here to enter) but entry on the day will also be welcome.
There will be a simple scoring system based on your best 2 scores from 3 events and even some prizes.
There are no set courses for particular age classes, enter whatever course you want.

Any questions contact Dave the series organiser.


Travel Directions

Parking and assembly is in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum car park, accessed from Kelvin Way.  The museum is well signposted from all approaches.


At Kelvingrove bandstand on Kelvin Way.  There are toilets in the museum but these will not be available until 11am.


The start and finish will be 2 mins walk from the car park, just across the Kelvin Way.

The course distances are measured as the direct line between control points, your actual running distance will be almost double this! The long course is roughly equivalent to a 10k road race.

Note that as these are all urban events all courses may involve crossing roads which have not been closed to traffic. You are responsible for your own safety, and that of any juniors in your care. The short course is contained almost entirely within Kelvingrove Park and crosses no roads. The Long and Medium courses are mainly urban and cross many roads, though the busier streets can be crossed using underpasses.  Note that the River Kelvin is out of bounds and can only be crossed using bridges. Parents of Under 16s should either shadow them or be happy that their charges are competent to safely cross roads on their own in the heat of competition. Unaccompanied Under 16s should complete and hand in a signed parental consent form before starting. These forms will be available at registration and for download shortly.

Please take the opportunity to explore the museum and/or its cafes after the event.


1.  The competition will include the 3 Urban Series events, Mosshead, Houston and Glasgow West End.
2.  People are free to run whatever course they wish. There are no dedicated Junior or age class courses, although age classes will be included in the results where known.

3.  The scoring is simple. On each course the runner finishing in first place will score 100 points, 2nd scores 98, 3rd scores 96 etc.  All runners who fail to complete the course will be given joint last place, but will still score points appropriate to that placing.  Groups will count for the series, but must be labelled as such.

4.  The organiser/planner/mapper of any race that is included in the competition will score 96 points
5.  The best 2 scores from 3 events will count

6.  In the event of a problem on any course (controls being stolen or wrongly placed etc.) the organiser and series coordinator will try and find a fair resolution.  This is subject to discussion with any affected competitors and will take into account the spirit of the overall competition.  Formal protests and such like will be very much frowned upon.
7.  These rules may be further developed as the competition progresses.


Downloadable Documents

Consent form for under 16s

Results for the Glasgow West End Race

Report from Bearsden and Milngavie Herald

Map of Glasgow, West EndTerrain description

Covering the area of Glasgow between Charing Cross and Maryhill, this urban map currently includes the east side of Kelvingrove Park as well as residential streets of varying complexity.  The map is a work in progress, and is being extended to include Hillhead and the Glasgow University campus. Used for the Glasgow City Race in 2007 and club training events.

Photo of authorPosted on 29th Aug 10
by Dave Robertson - Mapping Consultant


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