Compass Sport Trophy Final 2016Best-ever 2nd place for CLYDE



Posted: Mon 17 Oct 2016

Possibly the strongest ever CLYDE team recorded a superb best-ever result of 2nd place overall in the UK Compass Sport Trophy Final held at Tankersley in Sheffield on Sunday 16th October. Thanks to all the 28 CLYDE members who made the long journey south to represent the club at this annual event. Click on “Read more” below for full details of the CLYDE performance. Full results from the event can be found here.

*Emma Wilson Junior Women 100 points
*Alasdair McLeod Brown 99 points
*Thomas Wilson Short Brown 99 points
*Dave Robertson Short Brown 98 points
*Lindsay Robertson Junior Women 98 points
*Alice Wilson Orange Women 98 points
*Peter Halling Green Men 97 points
*Amelia Petrie Short Green Veterans 95 points
*Bryony Harding Blue Women 94 points
*Donald Petrie Blue Men 94 points
*Steve Wilson Blue Men 93 points
*Valerie Belton Short Green Veterans 93 points
*Michael Paterson Orange Men 92 points
Elizabeth Britton Blue Women 90 points
Kenneth Milton Short Brown 88 points
Arnis Saltums Brown 84 points
Simon Gardner Brown 83 points
Rachel Wilson Green Women 83 points
Elisabeth Loffill (n/c) Blue Women 82 points
Iain Mennie Blue Men 82 points
Andrew Paterson Short Brown 81 points
Kirsten Robertson Orange Women 80 points
Christine Patterson Green Women 79 points
Robert Kravcovs Brown 78 points
Kate Thomas Green Women 76 points
Gordon Hale Brown 74 points
Neil Barton Brown 72 points
Mark Elder Blue Men 61 points

(The 13 scorers are indicated with a star.)

A huge “thank you” to all 28 CLYDE runners who helped the club achieve its best ever result of runners up in this year’s Compass Sport Trophy Final held at Tankersley near Sheffield on Sunday 16th October 2016. We scored an outstanding 1250 points, only 14 points behind worthy winners INT (1264 points) and just 3 points ahead of third placed EPOC (1247 points). Particular mention should go to Emma Wilson and Lindsay Robertson, who scored a maximum 198 points on Junior Women, Ali McLeod who scored 99 points on Brown despite a misplaced control, Thomas Wilson and Dave Robertson who scored a near-perfect 197 out of a possible 199 points on Short Brown, and Alice Wilson, who didn’t panic and still scored 98 points on Orange Women despite missing her start time and being held at the start for 7 or 8 minutes before being allowed to go. Special thanks to Club Captain Steve Wilson for coordinating the team and, together with Dave Robertson, for driving the CLYDE minibus all the way there and back. A huge thanks too to Ruth and Kenneth Wilson for hosting 18 members of the team on Saturday night, and for providing them with more dinner and breakfast than even they could eat!